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*BE APPRECIATIVE….Blessings comes with Appreciation.*

Its Sunday 21st of January, at exactly 2:05am today, it is the first time in weeks I have slept earlier in the night and wokeup earlier. This is how it has always been before the past few weeks that all I do is stay awake at night and doze off during the day. This day feels like the normal me.I have come to the realization that you loose a lot of things by failing to appreciate, what you have been, where you are, where you going to, what you look to be and what is happening……you loose a lot of things by just not being appreciative in everything.

Appreciation is the key to living. You have to wakeup everyday of your life and be appreciative. Its a long way for everyone and many haven’t made it to where you at. Lots have missed the way, others dead, some lost, and many don’t even know where they heading to. You just have to be thankful and be appreciative with whatever you are.

Like I mentioned earlier, “Appreciation is key to living”, you can never achieve or become an achiever without being appreciative. If you do not learn to appreciate, you will never achieve anything. Appreciate your family, your friends, your people, your brothers. Achievements are blessings and blessings comes with appreciation. If you want to achieve, learn to appreciate.

Challenges are essentials to living. You can never overcome challenges without being appreciative. The moment you stop being appreciative when facing challenges is the moment it weigh you down. When you are down, I wonder how hard it will be to stand up and face those challenges. The irony of it is that, to stand up and face those challenges, you need appreciation to get you back to your feet. Appreciation helps you overcome challenges and it also helps you to rise and attain who you are.

Do blessings comes with appreciation? Yes, it does. The joy, the feeling, the good deed of being appreciative are enough Blessings that comes with being appreciative. Motivations, Motivational speakers asks you to seize an opportunity when they come but the key to even seeing those opportunities behind you is the appreciation. Appreciation connects everything (Achievements, Challenges, Opportunities). How do you even see an opportunity when you are down, and how do you intend  achieving if you don’t seize the opportunity right behind you. The key to these things is Appreciation.

You are not the only one with challenges, everyone is going  through lots. Be appreciative, appreciations kills your challenges. You think your whole world is falling around you, look at the kid on the street with no man to cater for him/ her. You are going through tough time, look at the homeless with no government to cater for.  We just have to be appreciative. You need something new, look at the old one you have and you neighbor never had.

_”Finally, I pray that you put your slippers under the bed tonight, so that when you wake up in the morning to reach them, you go down on your kneels and while you are down there, you say THANK YOU.”_ You say thank you for grace, for living, for life, for where you are, what you have been. Appreciate your God, say thank you for everything. Appreciate the people you meet, the ones who have been there for you, the ones who wanted to be there but never had the opportunity of being there and to the ones who were never there.

I just want you to be appreciative in everything, with everything, for everything, and by everything. Make appreciation your daily transactions, and you get your rewards which is blessings.


To my lord, I say “THANK YOU”
To you all, I say  “THANKY YOU”

I have said mine, ensure you say yours.

Uthman Adigun LENIN.

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