For A Long Time, Now I’m Free

For a long time I stayed in my little room.
I wish to see the glorious fields.
To walk in the beautiful and glorious valley.
Day after day pass away with nothing special happening to me.
Freedom was something I truly desire.
Encampment is something that is of no good to me.
I wish just to be free.
All I want to do is fly my wings high in the air
and fly high in the air.
My parents kept me encamped
all in the name of protecting me.
I would not blame them at all
since it is all for my benefit.
I just wanted a little bit of freedom
A tiny one would do no harm at all.
Or so I thought.
Everything changes with time in this world.
Despite all my bondage I finally found freedom.
Which to be sincere scared the hell out of me.
When the long awaited freedom came knocking at my door.
I was left totally perplexed.
I have what I truly want but
I had no idea what to do with it.
Now I miss my time back in encampment
which seemed very strange indeed.
The wheels of time can not be reversed at all.
Which makes me a little bit sad indeed.
We wish for a lot of things in life
and when we get them in our hands.
We are not entirely sure of what to do with them at all.
I guess now I have to figure out how to live
with this long awaited freedom of mine.
* @LEAF*

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