Muslim Guy reject virgins heaven & left Islam : Testimony

Dear Muslim Friends, What is islam? Islam is simply LIVE AND DIE for 72 virgins in heaven for sex..The whole islam is revolving around that virgin stuff !! How pity is the message of this cult fascist religion and also the my helpless muslim friends die without assurance of Salvation.
Lord Jesus, Please shower your compassion, mercy and your grace of Salvation, upon this misguided, brain washed & neglected human beings here in the Muslim world. The Bible says that you can pray at any where, any direction & any time. Jesus only looks into your sincere heart not your physical cleanliness. No need to wash (wudu) your private parts & body 5 times a day before praying to Lord Jesus. Jesus said I AM the Way, I AM the Truth and I AM the Life. Again I wish to remind you my Muslim friends that there is no SEX and marriage in the spiritual heaven of Jesus Christ. Jesus came down from heaven and risen back to heaven. So please you can believe what Jesus told about SPIRITUAL Heaven..Please note, I am ready to provide you all that evidence & references from your holy books here in the comment section upon your request…..God bless you