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By Joe Msanii and Ishmail Abuga

Oh God when you decide to do your will,
No one opposes your decisions,
For your mind is unsearchable,
And Incomparable..
Oh God go before me…x2

More often we do put our plans first
Forgetting that God has His plans
We should ask ourselves of His purpose for us this world

In our plans, let Jesus take the lead
When the devil persecutes is in this life,
Even in times of grief, we cry while cursing…
Where were you Lord…
We wouldn’t have gone through this had you gone before us

Now brethren, let’s be steady and be not like fugitives,
For in the world God has a purpose for each one of us,
And he has given us freedom to ask for whatever we need,
But we must remember that His will has be done

There are enemies who want to put you down every time,
There’s are fake friends who are always happy when you fail,
Pray to God that He may stand by your side,
And His will to be done in your life

I need Thee to go before x3

To go before me, for I cannot walk alone

{Go before me} bass

Go before me, go before me Father go before me x8