Ojo Agbara Na Ti Osan Doru Ta So’Jo Mimo Kale – Message From His Eminence Rev Pastor EmmanuelOSHOFFA

Ojo Agbara Na Ti Osan Doru Ta So'Jo Mimo Kale - Message From His Eminence Rev Pastor EmmanuelOSHOFFA

Ojo Agbara Na Ti Osan Doru Ta So’Jo Mimo Kale – Message From His Eminence Rev Pastor Emmanuel OSHOFFA


Message from His Eminence Rev Pastor Emmanuel OSCHOFFA from France


May the Peace, Grace and Love of our Lord and Savior JESUS ​​CHRIST be with his sons and daughters of the Holy Celestial Church of Christ

We want to seize this special opportunity given to us by the GOD of the Prophet Pastor Founder Samuel Biléou Joseph OSCHOFFA, to give Him glory and honor throughout the centuries.

May he be the object of our thanks and cheers. He who for 74 years today, governs by his only power, the holy CHURCH OF Heavenly Christianity, Church descended from heaven on September 29, 1947 at 3 pm in Porto Novo, Republic of Benin.

Glory be to His Holy Name in the highest heavens, for his infinite Love, as well as for the renewal of his perpetual covenant for us and our children.

Indeed, who could have foreseen, that after the transition of this world of the Prophet Pastor Founder Samuel Biléou Joseph OSCHOFFA, then the disappearance of his kind successors, the Rev Pastor Alexander Abiodum BADA, the Rev Pastor Philippe AJOSE, that their formidable inheritance was going to pass through our hands? We must therefore meditate on the mysterious plan of God, the creator of all things, in his immense wisdom and infinite goodness, not to understand, but to render him the adoration which is due to him.

The unpredictability of the events which have succeeded one another in such a short time, and the insufficiency of the answers which could come from us, oblige us to turn to the Lord and to place in him all our confidence.

Therefore, I want to take the opportunity that the time gives me to draw with you some guidelines that I consider of major importance that will help us to carry even higher the message of the Spirit of God, which for reminder, commanded us to bring back to the Father all souls lost and marked with the seal of the son of perdition.

But first, allow me to salute your daily efforts, you who, through your multiple actions within the Church, are contributing to a spectacular awakening through the demonstration of faith. It is the fruit of your work, you Parish Officers, you Councils of Women, you Councils of Youth, you Visionaries, you Predecessors Foreshadows, and you Responsible for organized structures, which gives strength to our Church and keeps it always standing and alive.

May the Lord remember you always, and hear the prayers of your hearts.

FIRST OF ALL, I WANT TO EMPHASIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF LIVING IN HARMONY WITHIN OUR CHURCH! The power and strength of our holy Church lies in this: Love and Forgiveness. It is up to us to preserve this harmony at all costs, to make it grow so that with us it reaches its fullness and that only the GOD of Papa SBJ OSCHOFFA derives all the glory. This harmony is the keystone of a larger and better structured Church, guaranteed tomorrow!

FINALLY, EXCELLENT TOGETHER IN CONSTANT DISCIPLINE! Much of the mystery of salvation centers on our ability to discipline ourselves in the work of the Lord. This discipline was the hallmark that characterized the first heavenly Christian faithful. Through this important provision, they have preserved the covenant of God, and have given it to us as an inheritance so that we too may perpetuate it.

We must quickly put an end to too much freedom, which has detrimental consequences for the Church and its members. You have been called to freedom. But don’t make this freedom a pretext for living according to the flesh. Galatians 5:13
To you, heavenly Christians of the world, carry the gospel message again wherever the need for GOD is expressed. Visit each other, and pray together for the good of the nations that welcome you. Strengthen one another in prayer, and may the strongest continue to support those who are still weak today.

Also encourage yourself and have PEACE as your sole motive by supporting all the initiatives that contribute to this. Then we can hope to receive a reward from God that cannot compromise.

May the God of all goodness and all glory bless the works of the Holy Church from heaven. May the action of the Holy Spirit remain among us. And that each of us have his share of grace so that Only the name of the God of Papa SBJ OSCHOFFA be glorified, in the centuries of centuries. Amen!

Happy Birthday to all Celestial members around the world!

Receive the holy blessings of the Lord reserved for this special day.
His Eminence Rev Pastor Bileu Emmanuel Mobiyina Friday OSCHOFFA
Supreme, Spiritual and Administrative Head Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide🌈

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