Random Mess

Random Mess🤯

How I ease pains,
I don’t need long lines and words,
Not even rhymes in rhythm would sieve the pains off my pores,
I just have to scribble a little ink mixed with pain in solfa on a treble staff,
With the the title “how I ease pain”
Then force myself to play through.
Or I draw in letters the figures I did see and pretend not to see in ways I wish I knew but don’t know and make you read through like I have a destination which I don’t have.
I do have an origin actually, maybe that’s my destination too.
I would have loved to take you through some path and show you the holes I dug with my finger while I was lost in the stormy oceans of the beauty you swirl, but the depth might be too scary to the face.
Maybe we should just swim, take our chances with the strong current of the ocean I birthed but the shack I kept as guard has gone rogue.
Don’t tell me you’re still reading my boring lines;
Ain’t you bored?
You making my lines feel like a mess,
But I won’t allow you make a mess of me, hmmm, any longer,
I just wanted to show you how I ease my pains,
Maybe you could espouse my style or better still, teach me yours but the fear of it being boring more than mine scares me.
How I ease my pain;
I make a mess of it,
Like you made of me, not anymore, truth be told, I did enjoy it
But if being a mess would retain it, then I will keep writing a mess of you.
Still there?
Are you not confused like I am?
Oh! This is a mess!!
I hope you don’t end being one, I mean a MESS!
Oh! Spare me the judgy faces, I told you its a random mess, or a mess randomly.
My ink is confused now
A little bit up from dilemma.
Yes, Am OK!!


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