Tears Of Love

I cried in his arms,
I knew he was leaving soon.
He asked me not to cry, but I couldn’t stop.
He told stories of friends he hasn’t seen in years,
And how he still loved them when he saw them.
I looked in his eyes, trying to understand him.
He had no understanding at all…
And then he said it.
He said to me, you’re my friend and even if I don’t see you for so long, I souls miss you.
I wiped my tears that instant. Let go of him.
I was filled with rage and I was calm.
I told him I felt better but I didn’t.
What I felt, was deep rage.
Because I was not his friend,i was in love with him and my fear was that he would stop loving me that way.
Why was I crying, when it had already happened.
Friend my foot.

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