WALA SIYO MBALI, Official Video, Ambassadors of Christ Choir 2021, All rights reserved

Every genuine Christian that has ever trod this planet has a HOPE burning in his heart, they have a longing that they live for every single day of their life, they long for JESUS to come back again. Amidst the storms and distractions of this life, their eyes of faith look through time and space looking forward to the return of their Master.

It won’t be long (WALA SIYO MBALI) the good Lord will return according to His promise, for He is not a man that He should lie. This is the spirit of this song

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SONG CREDITS: Words, Music & Arrangement: BY SSOZI JORAM
Voicing & Audio Editing: James @ Ambassadors of Christ Choir Studio
Instrumentation Credits: Ssozi Joram
Video Credits: Doux
Venue Credits: Kigali Arena
Audio rights: Exclusively by Ambassadors of Christ Choir, recorded @ Ambassadors of Christ studio.

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